Featured Event - Wedding

Wedding - def. A series of events that typically require many special treats to highlight the occasion of marriage.


I had the distinct honor of helping my good friend with her amazing country wedding. 


It was my pleasure to help make treats for all her events. For her wedding shower, I made my personal favorite, egg-free butter cookies. 


For her rehearsal dinner, a barbeque, I had made my ultimate chocolate chip cookies. Her caterer created the most magnificent ice cream sandwiches with them, using local organic ice cream.


The most important task was helping her create her wedding cakes. She had a total of seven cakes at her wedding and each cake was displayed on an antique glass plate.


We will treasure our memories of her wedding and the series of events that featured our treats!



Devil Food Cake wedding cakes Chocolate Noir Cake

Occasions - Special Events

Whether you are planning a special event or a simple dinner party, we can help create the ideal sweet or savory treat to add to your celebration. 


Anniversary Parties - We can help you create that special cake you need for this very special occasion.


Birthdays - We like to keep things simple, so character themes are not our specialty. What we can do for you is help you create simple and sweet cakes, cupcakes, cookies or special treat favors.


Baby Showers - If you are looking for special treat favors, a cake, or cupcakes, we can help create what you need.


Holidays - We can make your holiday more enjoyable and less stressful by helping you create your holiday treats.


Weddings -  There are many events that surround a wedding and we can help you create treats for all of them!


Fundraisers- Whether it is a school bake sale or a bake sale for a corporation, we have great ideas for quick selling treats and attractive packaging.


Please contact us and inquire about treats for your special event. We hope to hear from you soon.